Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation журналининг клон тоифаси

18 02, 2022 Собиров Шохрухбек

Қадрли Муалиф. ОГОҲ булинг!!! Огохлик давр талаби: Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation журналининг клон тоифаси чиқган.

Журнал бош мухарири Проф. д-р Х. Серап Инал маълумотига кўра Журнал 2018 йилгача https://www.turkjphysiotherrehabil.org/index.html сайти орқали мақолалар қабул қилган. Бироқ, 2018 йилдан Туркия Физиотерапевтлар Уюшмаси томонидан мазкур домен тўлови кечиктирилганлиги сабабли, домен номи 2020 йил 09 мартда номаълум шахслар томонидан қўлга киритилган. Сўнг журналнинг охирги 5 йиллик архиви, Dergipark логотипи, журнал номи ва Туркия Физиотерапевтлар Уюшмаси номидан мақолалар қабул қила бошлаган.
Бугунги кунга келиб, Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation журнали www.dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/tjpr расмий веб сайт орқали мақолалар қабул қилмоқда.
Афсуски, муалифларга гапимни етказиш ва клон соҳта журналлардан уларни воқеб этмоқ жуда мушкул.

Менга ишонмасангиз журнални бош мухаририга мурожаат қилиб кўринг.
Serap İnal editor.turkjptr@gmail.com

Оригинал журнал www.dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/tjpr

Клон журнал https://www.turkjphysiotherrehabil.org/index.html


Доктор Serap İnal editor.turkjptr@gmail.com дан келга очиқ хат.

Dear friend,

I appreciated your concern on our Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation ISSN: 2651-4451, e-ISSN: 2651-446X), a prestigious scientific journal owned by the Turkish Physiotherapy Association, which has been published since 1974. The Journal used to accept article submissions through the website www.turkjphysiotherrehabil.org until 2018. However, after 2018, it started accepting article submissions through www.dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/tjprDuring this process, due to the delay in payment of the domain fee by the Turkish Physiotherapy Association, the domain name was purchased by third parties through your institution on March 09, 2020. Unfortunately, those people who hide their identities and are thought to be hackers, have started to deliberately abuse this domain name (www.turkjphysiotherrehabil.org, and have started accepting article submissions through this pirate site. They have illegally copied all the information  on the web page of our journal 5 years back and are using the DergiPark emblem, the name of our Journal and the name of our Association as if they are the owner of the journal. We are trying to cancel this web page and domain contract through the Firm GoDaddy, and we informed Web of Science, Scopus and DergiPark , already and they are not considering their publications.
Please do not consider them, and if you would like to support us against the GoDaddy, we can share the draft  letter so you may kindly send them, too.
I appreciated your keen interest to the reputation of our Journal,
My best
Prof. Dr. H. Serap Inal